Children Of Israel

Peace In The Middle East!

The rising trio sensation ‘Children Of Israel’ brings out the hardship and hope of the Middle East, “Can’t wash off blood with blood” chants front man Raz Bin Sam expressing the peace driven concept.

Their groundbreaking self-titled first album is the first true voice to bring this message to an international platform.

All group members come from the same neighborhood in a small town in the centre of Israel, all experienced the war, the conflict, the dirty politics and the lethal effect of extremist religious groups on civil life.

“Such experiences as well as escaping the compulsory Israeli military service is what started bringing lyrics to my mouth. This is the people’s true voice, the voice of peace and we want the world to hear and know.” Says Raz Bin Sam “I left the country at 18 when it was time to get recruited for the army. I ended up in Beautiful Australia where I’ve been improving my English and writing about the people and the situation in the Middle East”.

More than a decade later, with over 15 albums and thousands of live shows between them, Raz Bin Sam and the Malca Baya crew reunite to form the Children Of Israel.

The album was recorded in a war bunker converted studio in their home town, “All instruments of war should be converted to music instruments.” they say.

The self-titled consists of 14 tracks and is available through MGM / The Planet / Blaze Fire Music.

Children Of Israel EPK 2014
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